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Farm-to Table Mediterranean

Founded by Western Howard County, Maryland resident Chef Tania Ghanem Makhlouf, Chez Tania offers a wide variety of farm-to-table Mediterranean cooking.  Fresh ingredients combined with a passion for culinary excellence create unforgettable experiences.  Whether you are looking for family meals, craft cocktails or private event catering, Chez Tania is ready to bring excellence to your table.

Chef Tania operates a professional kitchen facility in Frederick, Maryland.  With a delivery radius of 30 Miles around Western Howard County, nearby towns includes Frederick, Columbia and major nearby towns.

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Chef Tania Ghanem Makhlouf was born on the sunny coast of Lebanon and grew up part of a family of culinary excellence. Tania’s uncle Maurice who was one of Lebanon’s most admired Food and Beverage directors won the highest medal of culinary excellence back in the seventies. Tania’s grandfather was Beirut’s most admired and decorated Maitre’d. Tania’s father holds a Hospitality and culinary degree from the world’s most prestigious Hotel management school in Lausanne in Switzerland. Tania was very close to her grandma while growing up. “Teta” Marie as everyone called her was very hospitable and cooked not only for her family but often fed the neighbors and close relatives. There was always food on the table at the Ghanem household.

Tania traveled a lot during her early years and visited countries very rich in their cuisine such as Cyprus very well known for its amazing Mediterranean and seafood culinary experiences as well as France where Tania visited her aunts for the summer break and was introduced to the culinary heaven of Southern France in Bordeaux.

It was then inevitable that Tania follows her families footsteps and journey into the culinary world. When she came to the US, Tania joined the food and beverage team at her uncle’s hotel in Maryland. Tania later continued her career progression into hospitality and held many positions such as Director of Food and Beverage, Executive chef and B, Director of Catering and Director of Sales at multiple well known hotels. During her career, she hosted hundreds of events and weddings from 25 to 1000 people from the Naval Academy all the way to Frederick’s beautiful wineries. Couple of years ago, Tania was featured on the local TV channel during a wedding expo section.

Tania’s best claim to fame was meeting one of her most respected Chef Jose Andreas in DC a few years ago at one of his World Kitchen charity events. Tania also met chef Brian Voltaggio a Frederick local.

While not juggling her many responsibilities, Tania loves spending time with her 3 children: Celine a junior at High School, and her twins Joey and Sophie who are in 4th grade as well as her husband Jeff who happens to be in hospitality too!

Tania and besides cooking and entertaining loves traveling and swimming. She adores everything Blue which evokes early Mediterranean memories of her life.

Catering & Prepared Meals

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